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"Beautifully illustrated soup-to-nuts adventure guide.... ideal for summer." -- Women's Sports and Fitness.

"Karen Berger's Hiking and Backpackng: A Complete Guide is the best guide I have seen to the mechanics of the past-time. In 200 or so concise, easy-to-read pages, Berger covers everything from boots to back-country navigation, from hints on quick, easy, and inexpensive trail meals to sensible advice on hiking with your loved one or your kids. Berger takes a calm, unintimidating approach to hiking... she remembers what it feels like to have stiff new boots, blisters, and an ill-fitting pack.... Women are likely to appreciate her sensitivity to a range of issues and practical questions often ignored by male guidebook writers." -- Quincy Patriot Ledger (Massachusetts).

"Cramming a surprising variety of trail-wise tips into its 200 pages. Hundreds of tips on rest-stepping, seam sealing, bear bagging, and winter camping, just to name a few... the pleasing graphic presentation and numerous sidebars on backcountry tips make it extremely accessible and fun to look at, and lift it head-and-shoulders above (other books)." -- Backpacker.

"Easy to tote practical guidebook... tells all on how to select and assemble a tent, foot care on the trail, and how to be an environmentally friendly camper." -- Orange County Register.

"Attractive and well-designed; filled with solid information and tips... Commonsense stuff throughout." -- LA Times.

"A companion book to the Trailside PBS-TV series offers comprehensive information about hiking throughout the U.S., covering equipment and food, hiking skills, choosing a campsite, traveling with kids, and hiking long distances." -- Ingram.

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Hiking and Backpacking            
A Complete Guide

by Karen Berger 

Published by W. W. Norton & Co., 1995 in cooperation with the PBS TV show Trailside.  

New edition: October, 2002

* Best seller! More than 125,000 copies in print.

* Book of the Month Club

* Book was recommended on the "Today Show"

* Companion to the PBS series "Trailside: Make Your Own Adventure"

A complete introduction to Hiking and Backpacking.  

Karen's friendly, fun-to-read guide covers starting out, walking techniques, gear, food, no-trace camping, first aid, backcountry challenges, animals, navigation, and hiking with other people. There's also a chapter introducing readers to more advanced skills: winter, solo hiking, long-distance hiking, leading groups, foreign travel, and volunteer trail work.    

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